There is nothing more beautiful than a crisp fall day in Maine. With children preparing to head back to school and barrels of fresh produce just harvested from the fields, I like to create new and delicious recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious to eat.

Year after year, in early September, you will find me at some of the local county fairs in Maine teaching parents and their children how to make tasty treats that don’t contribute to the ever growing epidemic of type 2 diabetes and obesity in our country.

This year I chose an apple salad with apples picked fresh off the tree. I can never be sure what the reaction will be considering many of the kids have just finished eating fair food of fried dough and cotton candy. I don’t expect them to dive into one of my dishes with too much enthusiasm nor eat very much. Kids, as we all know, are naturally “finicky” when it comes to food and usually turn up their noses when I tell them about an exciting new recipe I want to introduce them to. However, I also know, that once they get a taste of the goodness from nature’s bounty, they’ll be coming back for more. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me when, after the first bite, I see the look of surprise on their faces. It makes me smile EVERY time I hear, “Wow”! “This tastes really good”!

While preparing the dish I like to talk about how food is grown, how nutrient rich soil, water and respect for the environment all play a role in what we are about to eat. It can feel like a game of show and tell only it’s not a game, it is a journey to a lifetime of making good choices with the foods we eat.

When the class wraps up parents and children always tell me how much they enjoy the food and that they can’t believe it’s healthy for them! It’s good to know that they would eat the apple salad over a sticky apple any day. Everyone is full and energized. No sluggish feelings from eating more junk.

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