Cheryl Farley has spent the last 18 years teaching, sharing, and motivating people to change the bad eating and poor health habits that lead to their illness and dependence upon prescription medications to manage their Type 2 Diabetes.

Cheryl realized that this information is so powerful and that this is such an important and relevant message; especially today where there is an epidemic of diabetes and obesity, she feels a moral obligation to get this information out to people. And so Cheryl Farley Wellness and its mission to stop diabetes was formed.

From her popular 10 Day Meal Plan eBook to the CFW YouTube Channel to How-To Seminars, and even a television cooking show, Cheryl’s knowledge, passion and commitment to stopping diabetes is available in many forms to people in need.

More About Cheryl Farley

Cheryl Farley was born in Baltimore, Maryland. At the age of 11 she moved to California where her father managed health clubs for Jack Lalanne who was widely recognized for publicly preaching the health benefits of regular exercise and a good diet. Growing up in and around the health club environment, and, meeting Jack Lalanne as a young girl, left an indelible impression on Cheryl as to the importance of exercise to ensure a long, healthy life. During her teen years Cheryl started working at fitness facilities in California.

Cheryl met Dennis Farley in California and in 1986 they were married. Together they developed a deeper understanding of the dietary component to reversing disease, the importance of great nutrition and how what we eat impacts not only our health, but, every aspect of our day to day life.

Cheryl and Dennis returned to Maryland where Dennis accepted a position at Johns Hopkins and Cheryl continued on her mission for wellness. Soon, Cheryl and Dennis started offering cooking classes for preparing healthy meals and educating people on how food choices can change the lives of people who are sick.

Eventually, Dennis gave up his career working for Johns Hopkins so he and Cheryl could focus on teaching people how a healthy diet and a few simple lifestyle changes could restore their health.

While in Maryland, Cheryl met Dr. Richard Hanson who owned a wellness center in Maine. Always looking for an opportunity to share the news about good nutrition, they made the decision to leave Maryland and take the positions offered in Poland, Maine. Dennis was the administrator and Cheryl, who prepared the meals, also helped with the exercise programs.

During their time in Maine, they were introduced to the Weimar Institute, a wellness center located on the west coast. Weimar is known for having a powerful impact on changing people’s lives. Cheryl and Dennis were invited to participate in a reversing type 2 diabetes program in 1997. Cheryl taught the cooking class, which was an educational component to the 3-day seminar. The physicians involved with Weimar believe that food is vital in the restoration of health. To this point, Cheryl saw patient’s blood sugar drop within 48 hours.

Through their connection and experience with Weimar, Cheryl and Dennis were invited to participate in additional reversing diabetes seminars over an 8-year period in: Upstate New York, Maryland, North Carolina and Georgia. Participants saw their blood sugar drop markedly. When they returned home and applied what they had learned; they experienced miraculous changes in their lives. Cheryl developed a bond with many of these people and she would get phone calls and emails after each seminar saying; “I’m off high blood pressure medications,” “I’m off my heart medications,” No more Glucophage.” Some patients lost up to 30 pounds.

Cheryl came to appreciate that most us do not realize just what a treasure our health truly is until we don’t have it. Our sedentary lifestyle and poor diet catches up with us eventually. We are all such creatures of habit from the environment we are raised in. The foods we eat, the lifestyle we live, is generational. When people eat the foods Cheryl suggests, they realize not only how good it is, but also nutritious and filling.

In addition to addressing type 2 diabetes, a similar healthy lifestyle, with a healthy, balanced diet can equally address other diseases such as hypertension, asthma and chronic heart disease. Cheryl plans to expand her programs to address these areas also.

With many years of working at reversing type 2 diabetes seminars, Cheryl has realized that this information is so powerful and that this is such an important and relevant message; especially today where there is an epidemic of diabetes and obesity, she has a moral obligation to get this information out to people. We all have choices to make in everything we do.

Cheryl’s goal is to get this message out to everyone who needs to know, recognizing it is vitally important not only in the United States, but also worldwide.

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