So you want to get well! You’re ready to do whatever it takes to heal your type 2 diabetes. You’ll need to get your pantry stocked for this new way of life. It really isn’t difficult. It’s quite easy and it may possibly save your life!

If you’re thinking of changing your lifestyle, in return for your good health, I’m sure you’ve done some research on how you can benefit by following a plant-based diet: you’ll be eating real food, whole foods close to the tree. You’ll be avoiding processed foods high in chemicals. The meals will be packed full of nutrition.

At Cheryl Farley Wellness, as part of our program, we offer a pantry boot camp. Foods you should, and, those you should not, have on hand to prepare quick healthy meals. Below are a few things from our program to help you make the change. Be prepared and you’ll find the transition much easier. You’ll be living cruelty free, chemical free and in a short time you may be reversing the disease process that is going on in your own body. By following our pantry boot camp, your change to healthy eating should be easy and if you follow our program’s books, you’ll never feel unsatisfied. It will be easy!

Pick up these staples and be on your way to a healthier you!

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Cheryl Farley Wellness – Type 2 Diabetes Pantry Boot Camp

Nut Butters, Nuts and Seeds
Nut butters: Almond, cashew,pecan and seed butters are full of healthy fats and protein. Nut butter on an apple or celery, or a handful of nuts, make for a delicious snack that can fuel your body for hours. Toast your own raw nuts and seeds to prevent them from having the added oil.

Beans, Lentils, Barley
Beans, lentils and barley are packed with fiber and protein. They’re a great choice to replace meat in meals. Canned beans work well in many recipes. If using dried beans and cooking them yourself, be sure to soak in water overnight or for several hours so you may better digest them and so you’ll be better able to absorb the nutrients. Lentils and barley can be cooked ahead or added to recipes as directed.

Rice, Whole Grain Pasta
Rice and pasta are inexpensive and a quick, easy way to turn left over fresh or roasted vegetables into a full meal. Brown rice and whole grain pasta have a higher fiber content than white so we recommend you cook a large batch of each and keep on hand.

Quinoa is one of my favorite foods and they say it is loaded with anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, and cancer-fighting nutrients. Quinoa will take on the flavors of the foods you add to it which makes it a versatile addition to many recipes. It is easier to cook than rice, takes very little time and requires almost no tending to while cooking.

Amaranth and Millet
These two grains have nutrients similar to leafy greens like kale and swiss chard so you can create meals using just these grains. You may also add to a salad or stir fry.

Nut Milk
Nut milk comes in many different varieties. Try them all to determine which you like best. They are an equal substitution for dairy milk.

Raw Honey, Maple Syrup or Agave
You will find raw, unprocessed honey used in some of the Cheryl Farley Wellness recipes along with maple syrup and agave.

Aminos are a must on our program. They add a delicious flavor to our dishes. If you’re staying away from soy because of GMO’s (which we recommend) try coconut aminos, Bragg’s liquid aminos or organic soy sauce. Flavoring food with aminos may help your body to make protein a little quicker.

Wellness doesn’t mean boring. If you follow Cheryl’s program, it will be chock-full of hearty meals, soups, stews, casseroles, pasta dishes as well as fresh fruits and veggies. Having these ingredients on hand will allow you to create meals that are hearty and nutritious. You may also lose weight and cure your type 2 diabetes. Are you ready to join our program?