kelly roySearch the Internet and you’ll find hundreds of Type 2 Diabetes solutions. Some are kind of effective and many are not proven and simply don’t work.

Here are the Top 10 reasons why Cheryl Farley Wellness is a leading solution and preferred by both users and doctors.

The Cheryl Farley Program Provides All Of The Information To Succeed Without Having To Attend A Residential Wellness Program.

Residential programs are ideal for many people and we are happy to refer you to the ones that offer similar programs.  However, they are expensive in terms of fees, residential costs and travel, often costing many thousands of dollars, and they are time-consuming.

The Cheryl Farley Wellness Program is designed for “everyone” who does not have the time to go away for a week or more.  This program is a fraction of the cost and provides (at the Platinum Membership level) personal coaching support which will significantly increase your chances of achieving a successful lifestyle change and greater health.

It Works!

As a nutritionist Cheryl has spent many years working with people who have or are at risk of type 2 diabetes, teaching them how to prepare nutritious, simple and satisfying meals that actually work in aiding the body to naturally lower blood sugar and reduce weight at the same time, and achieving a high degree of success.

It Is Simple!

This is the “beauty” of Cheryl’s approach in treating type 2 diabetes. It is not complicated. You will not be required to calculate carbohydrate exchanges, weigh or measure ingredients, or count anything. The meals are easy to prepare and require very little time in the kitchen.

It Is Delicious!

You will not feel deprived or hungry or obsess about when you can eat your next meal, because with this plan, you can eat until you are full! We are not giving you permission to be a glutton, but with this menu plan, you will be full and most likely won’t feel the need to snack. By filling up with food, much like a car filling up with fuel for a road trip you will last until your tank runs out at your next meal, some 5 hours later. Cheryl has created recipes to satisfy every taste, enjoy!  Additionally, Cheryl will provide you with a steady stream of new recipes so that you will never tire of the same food.

See The Difference In Just 10 Days!

We intentionally made this program 10 days long because for most of us, 10 days is achievable. That is all you need to see how easy it is to eat healthy foods and to achieve positive changes in your blood sugars. Once you understand the principles of healthy eating and become familiar with the concepts, you will find that incorporating them into your life is not only simple, but enjoyable as well.

Save Money On Groceries & Medications

Most of what we buy in the grocery store that would be considered popular, tasty, or even healthy most likely is in fact causing illness and creating a burden not only on our bodies but also on our pocket books. Change the way you eat by getting back to simple, wholesome foods that are full of flavor and experience the positive results! Not only will you regain your health but you will also be saving on your monthly expenses for groceries, and with your doctor’s approval, you may even save on medications.

Science & Nature Based

Today, doctors know that good, wholesome food not only protects against chronic diseases such as diabetes, but it may actually cure disease. We want to introduce you to a way of eating that is practiced around the globe, but that still may be new to you. Eating wholesome, unrefined foods will provide energy to your body more efficiently. The extra fuel your body is currently storing as fat will finally be taken out of storage and burned. This will bring the cells back into balance and help you feel much better. Unlike insulin and other medications, which only lower blood sugar levels but don’t address the root cause of diabetes, this eating program addresses the real problem at the cellular level which leads to diabetes and its complications.

A Life Free From Pain and Suffering As Well As the Debilitating Effects of Diabetes

Not everyone will realize these benefits, but many will. You know the human body is amazing! One of Cheryl’s greatest blessings from working with people who have diabetes is to receive phone calls or email months and years later thanking her for helping them to learn a better way to eat and live without neuropathy pain, ulcers, etc. A new life!

The Program Will Help You To Help Others

You can make an impact on your family and friends with your “new found” approach to achieving optimal health through the simple lifestyle changes. With or without diabetes, almost everyone will benefit through weight loss. Share, share, share and let’s start a movement that can change the course of this current global health crisis!

On-Going Support from the Cheryl Farley Community

We are creating both online and local resource guides to direct you to people like you, local cooking classes, local exercise groups, farmers’ markets, community co-op groups, grocery and other retail partners and suppliers, health care partners, etc. Resources to connect you with others so you can meet and enjoy eating and sharing what you have learned! It’s about building relationships and Community!


And As an Added Bonus:

Last, But Not Least, The Support And Encouragement Of The Cheryl Farley Team, Lead By Cheryl Farley And Dr. Timothy Howe.
Your success lies in setting goals and staying focused on what you need to be doing each and every day. With our team of caring supportive coaches we will help you to stay on track and become as healthy as you can be. We want you to be successful and in turn share your story with others to inspire them. We will be with you for the long haul so it becomes your way of life. A better, healthier, productive life! Cheryl and Dr. Howe will be there to encourage, advise, and motivate you to improve your fitness and happiness.


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