About Dr. Timothy Howe

Dr. Timothy HoweDr. Timothy Howe is a board certified internal medicine physician. Dr. Howe attended medical school at Loma Linda University School of Medicine and graduated in 1982.
Dr. Howe is currently the medical director of Parkview Hospital Wellness Department and Diabetes Education Program. He teaches programs throughout the US regarding health and wellness issues and he maintains his own private practice in internal medicine.


Dear Friend,

As you embark on this life-changing plan to restore your health, you may be feeling some trepidation. You might be thinking, “Can I really do this?” “It seems so easy, yet so overwhelming to change my diet this way.” “Will I have the willpower to stick with the program?” These are all natural and valid concerns. The idea of change can conjure up thoughts of failure, but we want to encourage you to realize the beauty of this program. It is simple, it works, and you’ll see results quickly!

It is simple, it works, and you’ll see results quickly!

Many people who walked this path before you had the same fears, and they now enjoy amazing health. Remember: Be goal oriented. You want to feel better, have new energy, and experience life the way it was meant to be. Keep your focus on these goals. Yes, you will have to surrender some bad habits and foods that you may now love. Yes, you will have to jump into the water, and not just stick your toe in, to get the results you desire. My friend, you are worth it! We know you will be quickly rewarded for your efforts. God bless you as you begin!

Dr. Timothy Howe, M.D.