Cheryl Farley recently facilitated another successful reversing type 2 diabetes seminar at The Ark in Lewiston Maine. Cheryl was joined by Dr. Timothy Howe, MD, medical consultant for Cheryl Farley Wellness, Dr. Zach Mazone and Dennis Farley. Dr. Neal Barnard, MD, of The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, joined the group via skype.

These workshops, which Cheryl has been a part of, around the country, for almost 20 years, always draw a large crowd. Whether in the workplace, community, or, at home, workshops are created to be an affordable and natural means to lose weight and reverse Type 2 diabetes while restoring your body to optimal health.

Each class includes a physician’s talk on the benefits of the program for Type 2 diabetes and weight loss, a live cooking demonstration, samples, recipes, handouts, exercise and lifestyle tips. Cheryl Farley Wellness also has wellness coaches available for on-going support.

This program is a proven method and allows the body to heal itself through healthy eating. Cheryl has created low cost, delicious recipes which can be enjoyed by the entire family. They are easy to prepare and enough food to satisfy everyone while reducing the health risks associated with Type 2 diabetes. With hearty dishes, light dishes, deserts, smoothies, sauces and dips, no one feels deprived of their favorite foods. All ingredients are readily found in your local grocery store.

If you or your business would like to host a wellness seminar with Cheryl or are looking for more information, please send a message to